License Plate Recognition Camera

This is a specialized CCTV camera that has built in software to help identify and record license plates. The vehicle can be still or moving. These cameras adjust to weather, speed, and headlights.

License Plate Recognition Camera

Some models also adjust for fog penetration and can capture a license plate at speeds as high as 110 mph. They are perfect for a gated community entrance.

Dome Cameras

These cameras make it difficult to see what way they are pointing. They are great for use as overview cameras. They are available with night vision and with vandal resistance. These are for indoor or outdoor use.

Bullet Cameras

These cameras are great for general overview and may be mounted on ceilings, walls, or a tall post. They can be used indoor or outdoor.

Complete Systems

Different packages are available for a complete system.

Network Video Recorder (NVR)

A stand alone recording device for your network cameras.