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There are many different options to choose from to control access to your property. Our I.D.E. A certified automated gate system designers and installers will help you decide on an option that is right for you and your budget. Whether it is a main entrance, beach access gate, pool gate, clubhouse, or fitness room; Quality Gates and Openers has the products and training to meet your needs. Below are just a few options that we offer.

buy telephone entry systems

Telephone Entry System: these system s allow visitors to dial the resident directly for access. It features two way communication. Certain systems will allow you to monitor activity as it happens.The system will prevent code entry’s from being distributed to unauthorized people.

keypads for security gates and access control
Keypad: A keypad at your gate will allow access to your property with a numerical code.
Where to get card readers for security systems
Card Reader: Requires the use of a physical credential to obtain access to the property. This delivers a higher degree of control to the end user than a keypad.
order prox cards
Prox Card: Physical credential that is used in junction with a card reader. Information that is embedded on this card links it to the user. ( if used in a monitored system)
Get a remote for your security gate / access system
Remotes: w ith a click of a button, you can enter or exit your gate without having to leave your vehicle.
vehicle security barcode readers for apartment complexes or resorts
Barcode Reader: This system is able to read barcodes on any vehicle that is traveling up to 25mph and as far away as 6ft. It is ideal for high traffic properties, such as apartment complexes or resorts.
order security barcodes for vehicles
Barcodes: The barcodes for the reader are custom izable. It is a great feature for classifying parking areas and or vehicles. The readers cannot read copies of these. They are only sold to authorized dealers and not available to general
Purchase long range proximity readers for long-range reading of credentials.
Long Range Proximity Reader: Allows for long range reading of proximity credentials.
About our magnetic locks.
Magnetic Lock: Compatible with any access control system, Magnetic door locks meet the demands of security professionals, and the most rigorous building and fire life safety codes in the world. With no moving parts to bind or wear out, electromagnetic door locks provides positive, instantaneous release, whether caused by a signal from the fire command center, remote control or access control.
Our Request to Exit boxes release locks with the push of a button.
Request to Exit: Installed on the secure side of the door, the lock will release with a push of this button.
Buy emergency access devices for security systems, gates and locks
Emergency Access devices: These devices are used to open residential, commercial, airport, government and military gates during an emergency. When you need your gates, doors, parking arms, barriers or roll-up doors to open for emergency responders, you will need an emergency access device installed on each of these today!


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